Advanced Technology

We have chosen to invest in the newest and best technologies available so that we can concentrate our efforts towards better treatment, resulting in more efficient care. 

Microsurgical Techniques

Our doctors and staff are specially trained in advanced microsurgical techniques that preserve natural tooth structure and enable us to precisely visualize each situation with confidence and efficiency. The combination of magnification and fiberoptic illumination are necessary in aiding the doctors to see tiny details inside your tooth and allows for exceptional diagnostic ability and treatment efficiency.  Problems such as cracks, root fractures, and calcified canals can better be visualized and therefore treated. Microsurgical techniques help ensure conservation of tooth structure and help provide the highest quality of care available today.

Computerized Digital Radiography

Instead of conventional x-rays, digital x-rays result in up to 90% less radiation to you and provide for a better understanding of your dental condition.


Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography

3-D Cone Beam Computed Tomography is like a GPS for the root and anatomy of the tooth and surrounding structures.  This is a highly specialized imaging system which provides a much more detailed, three-dimensional image of your teeth, bone, and nerve pathways.  This technology allows us to thoroughly and predictably evaluate and diagnose areas that cannot be seen by conventional 2-dimensional x-ray technology resulting in better diagnostic and treatment outcomes.

anxiety management

Dental fear is real and should never prevent you from visiting the dentist and saving your natural teeth.  No one understands this better than the doctors and staff of Amarillo Endodontics where your comfort is the most important thing to us.  Root canal therapy is all we do, and we do everything to make sure your treatment is safe, efficient and comfortable.  In addition to dental anesthetics, music and television can be excellent ways to provide a distraction from the treatment.  For more anxious patients, we offer nitrous oxide, and for our most anxious patients, we offer oral sedation for our patients’ comfort and relaxation. No matter which avenue is chosen, your experience need not be dreaded or avoided.

Precise and Conservative Treatment

Electronic apex locators allow for electronic, accurate measurement of root lengths without exposing you to additional x-rays and radiographs. They improve the quality of care and allow for more precision -based endodontics. Ultrasonic instruments allow us to precisely remove small amounts of tooth structure allowing us to clean the canals more effectively and efficiently. This conservation of tooth structure allows success in situations that were previously considered hopeless.


Thorough disinfection of the root canal space is critical to long-term success.  We utililize special irrigation techniques to assist in the disinfection and sterilization of the root canals prior to placing the permanent fillings in them.

Nickel Titanium Instrumentation

Today, the cleaning and shaping of root canals is no longer an arduous procedure done with hand files. This job is now performed with mechanized, engine driven rotary files that have made the procedure more efficient, predictable, quieter, and far more comfortable than before. These instruments have increased the quality of care and made the procedure much easier and more pleasant for the patient.